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October 19th 2020 Newsletter

Dear Donors,

Greetings from the children of Bangladesh and the Banglahelp’s team! We hope all of you and your family have been and are safe during these difficult times.

The situation in Bangladesh is similar to the rest of the world: the spreading of the Covid-19 virus remains high. Thus, the schools and many businesses are closed. This causes a great financial and emotional burden on many families as they struggle to cover their basic needs.

As you may remember, thank you to your generosity, in May 2020 we sent $13,270 to provide food for the families of our 5 slums’ schools and 3 village schools. In July we were informed that many families were in extreme need of help. We were able to raise $8,276 that was sent to help the families of our slums’ schools.. In addition to this, every month we send $5,592 to pay for the teacher’s and cooks’ salaries, and the rent of the schools (5 slums’ schools and 3 village schools.). Your kindness continues to bless those in need in Bangladesh. Let me share with you some pictures of those you are helping:

Families From Bonorupa School Families from Kornopara Schools


Families at a village school waiting to Grateful family with donated items


At this point, we do not know at what time the schools will reopen in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, we have monthly expenses to cover and families to support. We realize that these uncertain times affect even those living here in the USA. Thus, we are deeply grateful for your liberality in providing the funds to continue to help those in needs in Bangladesh.

May God richly bless you as you sacrifice for people living far away, but close to yours and our hearts.

With deep appreciation,

Gerardo Toledo


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