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Medical Team:
Doctors, nurses, and general volunteers performed an overall evaluation of our students. A general medical exam consisted of being physically examined by a
doctor, having a blood test done to evaluate their health status, as well as sight test to see if any of the students need glasses for studying.


For many of our students, the main meal they receive each day is the one they have at our schools. We found some of our students to be anemic. Thus, starting in 2020 we would like to start providing multi-vitamin pills to each student and an iron complement to those who are anemic.

We had 12 students join is from the Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute (BANI). Their help was invaluable.

Dental Team:
For three days, six dentists and 1 dental assistant undertook the task of screening and treating our students. After an oral evaluation was done, patients
were referred to have either dental fillings or extractions. Despite the not-too-comfortable settings,our team kept on working until every student at the
school was seen and treated.

Teaching Training:

We also had the privilege of having an experienced teacher who joined us on the trip. She shared teaching techniques with our local teachers.

Hygiene and Nutrition Training:

The volunteers also focused on training parents on basic hygiene, including the importance of clean drinking water, washing their hands , keeping their homes clean. Nutrition training included the newstart principles .

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