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The BanglaHelp Story

Banglahelp was created to support different aid projects in Bangladesh, especially the slums schools that Dr. Milan Moskala had opened in Dhaka. Dr Moskala worked 17 years as a missionary dentist in Bangladesh. Among many things, he opened 10 slums schools to support the education of poor children.


Banglahelp was established in 2013 as a non-profit organization in anticipation of Dr Moskala’s retirement in 2015. Banglahelp undertook supporting four of those schools. In 2017, a fifth was opened in a Buddhist village.At first, Dr Moskala was able to provide 1 banana a day for the students, as they did not eat fruits in there homes. With the help of our donors, we began to provide two meals a week in addition to the bananas. We soon were able to provide 3 meals a week, and we now provide one meal every day of the week which consists of rice, lentils, vegetables, and  eggs.


We were providing education from KG to grade 3 until 2017. We learned that several children were not able to continue their education in the public schools as their parents, either could not afford to pay for their school materials, or chose to send them to work to financially help their families.

Thus, in 2018, we decided to open the 4th grade and in 2019 we opened the 5th grade. It’s our goal to continue to open a new grade each year, to provide education at least up to the 8th grade, as that allows the students to have training for basic employment. With the help of our donors, we hope to be able to provide education to complete high school.


In 2017, we open four classes for adults as many parents wanted to learn to read/write. We had 15 students per class. In 2019 we opened a fifth adult class, so we now have 75 adult students.


We have 20 teachers and one manager overseeing the schools and projects.The teachers regularly meet with the parent, just as in any other schools. In these meetings they discuss with the parents how the children are progressing in their studies, and also discusses topics such of health, nutrition and cleanliness.

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